Hello World,

I am Jyoti, by name.

A dreamer, by habit.

A freelance writer, editor, web content developer, by profession

Author of Dream’s Sake, by lot’s of hard work

A lover of nature, by instinct

A devoted fan of poetry and novels, by choice.

An Indian women, by birth.

A patient of Thalassemia Major, by fate (I guess!)

And now,

A blogger, absolutely by compulsion!

Compulsion because i really could not keep myself away from this any longer while the whole world was getting involved!


  • Abridged 30 English Classics to make them suitable for pre-teens
  • Authored a general fiction novel titled Dream’s Sake
  • Was chosen one of the twenty winners of the Samsung Mobiler Contest on Indiblogger.com for the post The Tab Effect on my blog called Technotreats.
  • Runner Up of Pan India Contest hosted by Baggout for the post ‘For the Love of Online Shopping.
  • Winner of On-the-spot Quiz contest hosted by Huawei at the launch of Huawei Honor Series of smart devices
  • Winner of Pan India Blogging Contest on Indiblogger, sponsored by Asus for the blog post ‘Journey Into A Woman’s Heart

One response

  1. well you have done so well what great achievements . what a interesting lady you are iam kevin i started writing poems in february 2011 myself on this blog of mine.but i will certainly read all the way through your poems when i get chance. take care from kevin and well done to you.

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