Readers’ Poem: WHENEVER IT WILL RAIN, by: Deepika Bhatnagar

The morning sky was filled with

Warm sunshine.

The day appeared so bright

Because of which my heart today

 Was feeling unusually light.


The pain was not felt anymore

And the eyes were no longer sore

I was happy that

Finally those memories are vanished

And your thoughts

Would no longer be relinquished


Suddenly the sky turned dark

And was covered with

Lightening and spark

Then it started to rain

And those raindrops  fell

directly on my pain .


Wounds which were earlier covered

By the sand of time.

within the heart of mine .

Seemed to unveil again

Due to that cruel rain ,


That is when I realised

That my soul is still tied

Your memories still stood along my side

No matter how hard

I may try to hide.


And whenever it will rain

I will always be reminded of the pain

Your memories I could not forget ever

May it be today, tomorrow?

Or forever …!!

Congratulations, Deepika! Quite poignantly expressed emotions. Keep on writing, and sharing your work. Best wishes for your future literary endeavors.


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