The bright n’ sweet, the fresh and cheerful,

the sad n’ grieved, the pained and the hopeful,
varied as life, oh! so magical,so mystical,
as true as God, beautiful and wonderful,

come dear friend, come, let us together see
the golden smiles and tears of poetry!

A cheery hello to whoever visits this blog.

I love poetry. And that’s exactly what this blog is going to have. All the poems that I read, have read, and fallen in love with. Slowly and over time, I hope to build here a treasure trove of great poetic gems. I’d appreciate it a lot if you help me by sharing your favourite English poems. Let’s revel in the magic of poesy and discover great gems…

Best wishes to all who visit,

Do come again…

If you’d like to check out my novels and the blog where I post my stories and articles, please visit Jyoti Arora

5 thoughts on “Welcome

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