Faith- By: Robert Service

I had this poem sitting in my notebook since past three days. But you see, my other great love came in way of my posting it. My other great love is love of gadgets. Poetry and gadgets, strange combination, I know. But what to do. I love them both!

Well, so my android phone got upgraded. And of course, I could not be at peace till I had explored all its latest wonders and fixed it up to my utmost satisfaction.

I did not exactly forget the poetry while playing with my phone. I downloaded a wonderful app called 888 Great Poems. Yes, it has exactly what the title says. 888 great poems. Though the earlier poems were totally beyond me as they seemed to be written an entirely a different language.

But the following poem poses no such difficulty. Have a look. Do let me know what you think of it:

 ~ Faith ~

Since all that is was ever bound to be;

Since grim, eternal laws our Being bind;

And both the riddle and the answer find,

And both the carnage and the calm decree;

Since plain within the Book of Destiny

Is written all the journey of mankind

Inexorably to the end, since blind

And mortal puppets playing parts are we:

Then let’s have faith; good cometh out of ill;

The power that shaped the strife shall end the strife;

Then let’s bow down before the Unknown Will;

Fight on, believing all is well with life;

Seeing within the worst of War’s red rage

The gleam, the glory of the Golden Age.






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