Girl in Love – by: Rainer Maria Rilke

That’s my window. This minute

So gently did I alight

From sleep–was still floating in it.

Where has my life its limit

And where begins the night?

I could fancy all things around me

Were nothing but I as yet;

Like a crystal’s depth, profoundly

Mute, translucent, unlit.

I have space to spare inside me

For the stars, too: so full of room

Feels my heart; so lightly

Would it let go of him, whom

For all I know I have started

To love, it may be to hold.

Strange, as if never charted,

Stares my fortune untold.

Why is it I am bedded

Beneath this infinitude,

Fragrant like a meadow,

Hither and thither moved,

Calling out, yet fearing

Someone might hear the cry,

Destined to disappearing

Within another I.






How far can a person go to fulfill the dream’s of someone else?

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