Ha! A Rush of Bliss by Wolfgang Goethe

Ha! A rush of bliss (from Faust)

By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

(1749 – 1832)

Ha! A rush of bliss

flows suddenly through all my senses!

I feel a glow, a holy joy of life

which sets my veins and flesh afire.

Was it a god that drew these signs

which soothe my inward raging

and fill my wretched heart with joy,

and with mysterious strength

reveal about me Nature’s pulse?

Am I a god? The light pervades me so!

In these pure ciphers I can see

living Nature spread out before my soul.

At last I understand the sage’s words:

“The world of spirits is not closed:

your mind is shut, your heart is dead!

Pupil, stand up and unafraid

bathe your earthly breast in morning light!”

How things are weaving one in one;

each lives and works within the other.

Heaven’s angels dip and soar

and hold their golden pails aloft;

with fragrant blessings on their wings,

they penetrate the earthly realm from Heaven

and all make all resound in harmony.

What pageantry! But alas, a pageant and no more!

Where shall I clasp you, infinity of Nature?

You breasts, where? You wellspring of all life?

Heaven and earth depend on you –

toward you my parched soul is straining.

You flow, you nourish, yet I crave in vain.






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